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At Roaming Squirrel Software our objective is to produce Android applications that are useful in daily life with an emphasis on education - this website contains details of the applications that are currently available.

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General Information:

Practicising mental arithmetic can sharpen up your thinking ability by making use of one of the most powerful computers in the world - i.e. the one between your ears!

In order to become a Math Mind Wizard, it is recommended that this application is used as follows:

  • Master the multiplication times tables
  • Study the Mental Arithmetic Tips
  • Practice the Training Exercises
  • Take the Math Mind Challenge

Math Mind Challenge - How It Works

  • There are 12 levels in the Math Mind Challenge.
  • Each set of mental calculations contains 10 questions.
  • If all 10 questions are answered correctly, the user can advance to the next level (if not already at level 12).
  • If only 9 questions are answered correctly, the user stays at the current level.
  • If less than 9 questions are answered correctly, the user goes down one level (if not already at level 1).
  • If the application is closed, the current question number and level will be stored until the application is restarted.

Math Mind Challenge - History

This menu option displays the user's progress with the Math Mind Challenge by showing:

  • the total number of correct answers at each level,
  • the total time spent thinking at each level,
  • the date each level was last accessed.

Training Exercises

A wide variety of training exercises covering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are available by choosing from a drop-down list.

Multiplication Tables

Multiplication tables from 2 to 12 are available by choosing from a drop-down list.

Mental Arithmetic Tips

Several useful tips designed to increase mental calculation speed and efficiency are available by choosing from a drop-down list.


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