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Legal Stuff

This application is available on the Android Market with the description 'Budgeter' and the name 'Mr. Micawber'. The application is based on Mr. Micawber's principle that, to ensure a happy life, expenses should never exceed earnings - the application works as follows:

  • Income and Expenditure are classified into categories for easy sorting and reference
  • A default set of categories is included in the application - this set can be added to and/or the contents modified or deleted (add, edit, delete) via the 'Maintenance' tab in the Menu to suit both local language and personal preference
  • Entries are added by choosing the date and category and then entering the amount - if desired, a short description can also be added via the 'Details' field (figure 2)
  • Existing entries can be modified (Edit) or Deleted (Delete) as required
  • How to enter credit card expenses? - although Mr. Micawber would frown on the use of credit cards, they can provide a useful convenience if used sensibly - the best way to enter the data into the application is to add the monthly outstanding balance each month whilst, at outstanding balance number is held in the database at any time
  • Reports are available in tabular format via the 'Tables' button and summary pie charts are available via the 'Charts' button (figure 3 & figure 4)
  • The 'Settings' tab on the Menu allows a display currency to be chosen - the default is 'No Currency'. Also the vibration mode of the buttons can be turned on or off - the default is on (figure 5, figure 6 & figure 7)

The simple format of the application allows income and expenses to be tracked over time whilst requiring the minimum of effort to keep the information updated. This minimal discipline of routinely monitoring and controlling expenses to match income, that the application requires, should go a long way towards assisting in reducing the stress of modern living

micawber overview

Figure 1

micawber entry screen

Figure 2

micawber table screen

Figure 3

micawber chart screen

Figure 4

micawber menu screen

Figure 5

micawber settings screen

Figure 6

micawber currency screen

Figure 7

Detailed results tables are best viewed in landscape mode (figure 8) although the screenview is, of course, fully scrollable in both directions:

micawber landscape

Figure 8

The application is available in a number of languages to suit various locales (figures 9 - 14) - naturally, number formatting matches the specific locale:

micawber french

Figure 9

micawber german

Figure 10

micawber italian

Figure 11

micawber spanish

Figure 12

micawber portugese

Figure 13

micawber chinese

Figure 14